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Week 1 January 10 - 16, 2011

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This week we will be meeting each other and introducing ourselves. Participants will be encouraged to sign up for a basic account in Second Life using the website and provide us with their Second Life name. We will send them an invitation to join our Second Life (SL)group (the group name to be decided later). Then meeting in-world, we will help them change their avatar appearance, and usecamera control. We will introduce them to ways of avatar movement (walking, running, flying, sitting, and teleporting), and ways to set up and use text and voice chat.


Moderators: ALL


Learning Outcomes


By the end of this week, you should have:  


  • joined our comunity network Village
  • inroduced yourself and edited your profile in our comunity network,
  • read the course information in our Village wiki
  • set a Second Life account and added your SL avatar name in your grouply profile,
  • taken a tour to one of the SL orientation places inworld,
  • set up voice and sound features in SL viewer,
  • befriended other partners in the session inworld and in our network,
  • attended one of the welcome sessions in SL 
  • posted your week 1 reflections at  Village blog  ( first impressions of SL, expectations, achievement of outcome  … etc ) 


Useful SL Skills


Click this link to go to the SL skills list and tutorial videos.




  1. Join our main comunity network in our grou.ply  Village
  2. read the course outline and activities in our Village wiki
  3. Explore what Second Life is before setting an account,
  4. Read and see how SL can be used for language learning,
  5. See Margareth's slides about her first experience in SL,
  6. Set a Second Life account and log inworld for a first visit,
  7. After you have logged in and finished in Orientation Island, visit Caledon Oxbridge 
  8. Take the Caledon tour for new residents,
  9. Write your SL avatar name in your page our Village 
  10. Attend a 1-hour welcome session in SL,
  11. Post your reflections to your blog on the Village Grouply 





Optional Readings / Viewings


          resource provision in academic libraries


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