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Week 2 January 17 - 23, 2011

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Second Life Tools and Resources


This week we will help them to develop basic ‘navigational skills, e.g creating landmarks & teleporting to other places & map and mini map reading. They will also consider ways of ‘networking’ in SL: using the ‘add friends’ feature; filling in your user profile, and using the IM facility.Participants will try their first building skills, become familiar with the use of various teaching tools and Holodecks on offer.



Mary Pinto [Mary Roussell]

Heike Philp [Gwen Gwasi]

Dennis Newson [Osnacantab Nesterov]


Learning Outcomes


By the end of this week, you should:  

  • know your colleagues on the Village even better.  
  • have increased your skill and comfort level with the main tools for interaction and communication, both in SL and on Grouply. 
  • have learned how to develop basic navigational skills: creating landmarks, teleporting to other places, map and mini map reading.
  • have learned how to communicate with other residents in SL by using the add friends feature, filling in your user profile, and using the IM (Instant Message) facility.
  • have learned basic building skills in SL and explored different holodecks on offer.
  • have attended a presentation/demo of favourite (language) teaching tools of the more experienced members.




Useful SL Skills


Click this link to go to the SL skills list and tutorial videos.






  1. Attend a synchronous 1-hour session to practice communication, navigation, movement, profile completion and taking snapshots inworld. 
  2. Attend a synchronous 1-hour session to learn how to build in SL. 
  3. Participate in a workshop on how to use the Builder's Buddy, a way of creating holodeck-like scenes for teaching purposes. 
  4. Attend a demonstration of Holodecks and how they are used in language teaching and learning. 
  5. Attend one of the scheduled (language) teaching tool demo/presentation sessions. If you are an experienced SL user, select three of your most favourite (language) teaching tools, set them up in the sandbox and, if possible, demonstrate how they work and how you (would) use them in your lessons. 
  6. Don't forget to take pictures during these sessions. Upload the pictures to our  Grouply and tag them with "Village". 
  7. Post your reflections to your blog on the Village Grouply.








Optional Reading / Viewing





Other Links







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