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Week 4 January 31 - February 6, 2011

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Simulated real-life scenes, role-playing and active communities in Second Life


This week we will focus on simulated real-life scenes, recreations of historical monuments, real life places, and lively, active communities in Second Life. There will be opportunities for the participants to experience immersive environments and the challenges involved in learning a language in SL.

When meeting during ‘happy hour’, we will reflect on the experiences made and talk about how active communities in Second Life may be used for language learning. Again guest speakers will be invited to share their valuable expertise.



Nahir Aparicio [Nahiram Vaniva]

Heike Philp [Gwen Gwasi]


Learning outcomes 


By the end of this week, you should:

  • have reflected on your visits in a blog post on grouply http://village.grouply.com/blog
  • have participated in the forum discussion of week 4 http://village.grouply.com/message/2
  • be aware of how Second Life can be used by language learners for language practice 
  • have started to become comfortable with the Second Life interface and with its communication tools.


Useful SL skills


Click this link to go to the SL skills list and tutorial videos.




  1. Join us for the tours to virtual Paris, Rome, Munich and Moscow. 
  2. Get immersed in role-playing sims such as Arstonia, Berlin of the 20s etc.
  3. Post your reflections to your blog on the Grouply http://village.grouply.com/blog




This is a map with a (complete) overview of real life places in Second Life. Click on the image to go to the original website. There, you can click the pins to get to the SLURL page and teleport.



Here are some suggestions: 

How it works: Click the link. A new browser will open with the Slurl. Click teleport

You can find more of these real life places by clicking on the Destination Guide in the Find


SL London

Hyde Park is the community gateway for the UK capital which includes recreations of Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Kensington, and Westminster. Activities include shopping, landmarks, pubs/clubs, and a thriving community of friendly Residents.


SL Rome

Reconstruction of the ancient Roman forum based on real-life monuments, photos, drawings, and models. This "glorious era" of the Roman Empire was notable for its architecture being infused with Greek elements.


SL Moscow

This representation of Russia's capital showcases the historical center of the city and includes famous landmarks like St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin, Lenin's mausoleum, the GUM department store, and other recognizable landmarks around Red Square.


SL Munich

Savor the glorious architecture of Germany's third-largest city. Historic Munich includes taverns, folk dancing, shopping, fairground rides, and a friendly community of local Residents.

SL Kowloon

Bathe in the neon glow of this sim based on Hong Kong's infamous Kowloon Walled City, a place with a sorted past and where sunlight rarely reaches the ground below. Shops line the narrow city streets and darkened alleys, while Panda Park offers the lone space to stare up at the stars.


SL Italia Vera

Travel to Italia Vera, an elaborate reconstruction of the true Italy. Features one of the largest communities of Italians in Second Life.


SL Cologne Cathedral

Explore The Cologne Cathedral (Virtueller Koelner Dom) in Second Life. Visit the highly detailed recreation of the famous World Heritage building.


SL Berlin 20s

This role-playing sim lives in the year 1929. It's active and vibrant community meet daily in 'Der Keller', drink luke warm beer and Absynth when the police is not watching and enjoy dancing Tango and Foxtrott 20s style. Only authentic clothing allowed.


SL China

It's no surprise that this magnificent structure is one of the Seven Wonders of the World the Great Wall of China certainly lives up to its name! Visit the beautiful coastline of China and explore the stunning replica of the Great Wall truly a destination to remember on your Second Life bucket list.


Virtual Makkah




Berlin of the 20s


Optional Readings/Viewings




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