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Week 5 February 7 - 13, 2011

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Week 5 - Evaluation & wrap-up 





This week offers an opportunity for us all to step back and reflect on what we have seen, learned and experienced during the whole EVO session. You are invited to reflect on what you have experienced during the last four weeks and  share your ideas with everyone about good practice. We are also suggesting - if the idea interests you and you have the time - that you take a look at an alternative virtual world – Twinity. You will also be encouraged  to continue learning and sharing through taking part in  the regular SLExperiment  meetings , which pre-date EVO2011 and are independent of it  and  will continue after this workshop has ended. If  appropriate, we can consider setting up our  own a new group affiliated to  SLExperiments. . In this final week we will also organise some round table discussions about language learning and teaching in virtual worlds, and these will be recorded,  archived  and made accessible for future reference.


Learning outcomes


By the end of this week, you should have done as  many of the following as interest you and as you can manage:

    1. Download and visit  Twinity  
    2. Post to Grouply your reflections about your visit to Twinity concentrating especially on what you find better, worse about it compared with Second Life.
    3. Share your reflections about good practice in language teaching in Second Life in conversation with other members of the workshop 
    4. Take part in the roundtable discussion.

Useful SL skills


Click this link to go to the SL skills list and tutorial videos. 




  1. Take a field trip to Twinity,
  2. Compare SL withTwinity and post your reflections to our Grouply  
  3. Attend the roundtable discussion. 
  4. Post your reflections on your experience  during this session in our Grouply.
  5. Post and discuss with other participants your ideas about good practises in teaching languages in Second Life.
  6. Give feebback on the Village 2011 EVO session by taking this survey 
  7. Reflection is an important part of any learning experience. Can we invite you in this last week to post the following to our Village Grouply

         A   Your two main reasons for joining the workshop. 
         B   Two expectations you had before the workshop began.
         C   Whether your reasons were addressed  and these expectations fulfilled or not and any general

          comments you wish to make. 


      We are soon to part. You must leave for home.

      Here is a case.  



      Post to our Village blog a list of things (ideas, bits of information, positive memories,  resolutions) that         you want to pack into the case to take home with you from the Village. 


Two final assignments:


    1. Help in the planning and preparation of the farewell party!
    2. Have fun at the farewell party. 


Optional Readings/Viewings/Activities



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